Sewn From A Seed Creations

Sewn From A Seed Creations!!!

All of my life I have had a thing for crafts. As I got older, my imagination grew with my passion. I started making personalized gifts for my family and friends. When I would get invited to events like baby showers, instead of buying things from the registry, I would always make a gift. It always turned out to be one of the most treasured gift of all.

Time and time again, people would say to me, "You should go into business." So, finally, this year of 2012, I decided to act upon it. I figured as a housewife and a mother, I really don't have to give up my independence. I can take my skills and make them work for me.

Each one of my products comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every product is created with individual pride and care. I pride myself on not duplicating my personalized blankets, with the exception of a request for twins or multiples.

Each product is personally created by me, Vanessa!

Feel free to take a look at pictures of my other products. If you don't see something that meets your needs, feel free to contact me because I try my best to leave no stones unturned.

With that said, Sewn From A Seed Creations is ready to provide you with quality gifts
and services!

I thank you for visiting my site and hope to be doing business with you soon!

Owner, Vanessa Pierre